Tips Natural without Makeup



Do you feel embarrassed to appear without makeup??. Sometimes we want the look without makeup and feel comfortable with just natural look. This saves time when we have to hurry to start the activity. Believe it or not, you can still look beautiful without makeup. Sometimes even natural look much better.
Here are tips to look beautiful without makeup:

  • Perform a regular skin care
    To leave the makeup, it requires skin care continuously. Cleansing your face twice a day with a mild cleanser followed by a special moisturizer cream that matches your skin is a good start to begin. Herbal steam facial can be done at home twice a week to clean the stoma and give a radiant face. Continue this treatment routinely if you plan to reduce or abandon makeup.
  • Facial skin exfoliation before the activity out
    It’s one of the best ways to get beautiful skin. In the morning before going out, use the exfoliating pad (eg, facial tissue) and facial cleanser to massage towards spinning for at least one minute. This will remove dead skin on the face and improve blood circulation to the face, giving your face a soft glow.
  • Rested enough
    If you want to appear natural, it is important to rest in the night at least seven or eight hours. Tired facial skin will look pale and dark circles under the eyes will look more. If you do not rest enough and look sleepy, try using ice packs therapy for each of your eyes for ten minutes to reduce the sleepy eyes looked glazed.
  • Drinking more water
    Your skin will look very good when get sufficient moisture. Drink water at least eight glasses a day to keep the skin dry. Avoid drinking beverages containing alcohol or caffeine from coffee that can trigger a reduction in moisture.
  • Wear skin protector
    Products to protect skin face from ultraviolet rays are very much on the market. Try to choose one that suit your skin condition. Avoiding direct sunlight falling to skin face can reduce the chances of your facial skin burns or get irritation.

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