Tips on choosing Sunblock



People use sunblock to help prevent sunburn or even skin cancer. There have been many types of sunblock on the market. The question is how do we know what sunblock is good for us, so we can choose which one to buy and which ones should be avoided. Following are the tips from Sanjib Sarkar :

  1. Use a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or more.
    SPF 30 protects skin from the sun for 300 minutes. If the average time you are exposed to direct sunlight over 150 minutes, do not use sunblock with SPF 15.
  2. Be sure to use sunblock with a fairly wide spectrum.
    This type of sunblock can protect skin from the UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays types. UVA is type of ultraviolet that is not directly fall on the skin surface, it can cause skin cancer while UVB directly falls to the skin surface.
  3. Be sure to repeat the use of sunblock while the effectifity time elapsed(SPF).
    Water can fade sunblock on our skin. Therefore, make sure to repeat the usage earlier.
  4. Be sure to use sunblock even if you are not exposed to sunlight directly.
    Although we do not have lot activities outside, it’s good to keep providing sunblock to our skin.
  5. Avoid using sunblock containing oxybenzone.
    Oxybenzone is a poison contained by retaining the sun. It can cause skin cancer.It’s Better to use sunblock made from ​​Zinx Oxide or Titanium oxide.
  6. Buy new sunscreen every year.
    Almost all sunscreens will begin to lose its protective power after 12 months because the ingredient substances begin to fade after that time.
  7. Take break in the afternoon
    The sun is normally located just above us at 12.00. so it’s usually very hot at that time.
  8. Use goggles, hat and clothes that cover skin.
    This will help reduce the possibility of direct sunlight falling to the surface of the skin.
  9. Use special care when go to the beach.
    Especially if want to sunbathe. This is done by providing sunblock to the skin more often.
  10. Be sure to drink enough water.
    Water will help keep the skin moisture and helps skin sunblock to give better protection against ultraviolet rays.

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