Watch your deodorant

Watch your deodorant

Watch your deodorant

Antiperspirants product usually contain aluminum and zirconium, and that content very harmful to your body.

Don Colbert, M.D. in one of his books “WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW MAY BE KILLING YOU” explained that the aluminum is closely related to Alzheimer’s disease.

So, now if you use deodorants or antiperspirants, then you should check out the content of chemical substances.

Avoid products containing the following ingredients:

  • aluminum chloride
  • aluminum klorohidrat
  • aluminum fenosulfat
  • aluminum sulphate
  • Zink fenosulfonat
  • zirconium klorohidrat
  • Zirconyl chloride

In addition, deodorants probably contains triclosan, which has been considered as a cause of liver damage in rats in laboratory experiments.

Although the FDA has determined that it is safe, but the FDA also warned of the potential dangers for the long term. Many dyes and other chemicals found in antiperspirants and deodorants are known as carcinogens.

Colbert advice to use deodorant brands that contain talc. It will not pose any health risks, either in the form of a roll-on or solid form.

Stay beautiful is important, but more important is to stay healthy instead.