What is The benefits of almonds

What is The benefits of almonds

What is The benefits of almonds

Almonds are loaded with fat, because it kinds of nuts.  But it is really good snack for consumption. Let’s see the benefits of almond as following :

Nutritional Content of Almond
There are a variety of almond nutrients for a healthy. Some important nutrients include:

– 20 grams of carbohydrates
– 5 grams of sugar
– 12 g fiber
– 51 g fat
– 22 g protein
– 0:24 mg Vitamin B
– 0.8 mg Vitamin B2
– 0.3 mg Vitamin B5
– 0.13 mg Vitamin B6
– 248 mg Calcium
– 4 mg of iron
– 275 mg of magnesium
– 474 mg of phosphorus
– 3 mg zinc
– 728 mg of potassium

All of that contents are in 100 g almonds.

Health benefits of almonds are :

1. For the heart

Almonds containing HDL that are good for the heart. This will fight the bad cholesterol 10% when consumed regularly. He also lowers the risk of heart attacks, cancer and can keep us young.

2. Good snacks for diet

It’s clear that almonds contain fat. But from the few studies, as reported by the Food Facts Suite101, if taken in the right dosage and regularly, it can help lose weight. The content of fiber in it that balances the amount of calories. Almonds also contain carbohydrates, so when we eat will feel full for some time. But of course, keep in certain portions, because it contains quite a lot of fat.

3. Source of high protein

Almonds are also rich in protein, which is very good for the growth of nails, skin, and hair.

4. High calcium

Almonds are rich in calcium, and is certainly very good for bone growth. Even in Chinese medicine, almonds are used as a tonic because of its ability to accelerate blood circulation and maintain stable liver.