What is the healthy spices you should consume

What is the healthy spices you should consume

What is the healthy spices you should consume

Did you know that some types of spices and seasonings that are around us is apparently rich in antioxidants?! What are they? Let’s look together.


Dr.. Wendy Bazilian, author of the book ‘The SuperFoods Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of SuperNutrients’ say that cinnamon is one of the spices that can be used in different types of cuisine.

You can use it to sweeten tea, mix them into yogurt drinks, even in grain oatmeal breakfast. In addition to antioxidants, cinnamon is also able to control the levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.


Dr.. Bazilian called oregano as a mini salad. Only one spoon of tea contains antioxidants equivalent to 3 cups of chopped broccoli.

Oregano is usually found in snacks such as pasta or pizza, but there’s nothing wrong if you add grains in your favorite grilled cheese sandwich. In the meantime, if you want to make a simple salad, then simply add the oregano in the tomato chunks, plus pepper, and olive oil.


A teaspoon of ginger has the same antioxidant levels with a cup of spinach. Ginger can be used not only as one of mere seasoning, but can also be used to satisfy the preferences of a person in eating foods that are sweet, for example with a sprinkle on chunks of fresh fruit, ice cream, or frozen yogurt.

In addition, ginger was also able to reduce pain and nausea due to digestive problems.

Dried Red Pepper

Spices come from red chili pepper, cayenne, and paprika, Dr.. Bazilian says, “these spices can improve your metabolism, give you satisfaction when eating spicy flavor, and has the potential to stimulate fat burning in the body.”


Rosemary can help reduce the risk of inflammation in the body. Indirectly, inflammation can be potential trigger factors to other chronic disease. You can add spice to the mix this type of cake, bread, or sauce for meat/steak.


Besides containing antioxidants, extracts of thyme can also relieve the heat in the body.

Turmeric or saffron

This spice commonly found in curry dishes. It is nourish the brain, protecting yourself from aging, and make hearth healhty

Therefore in order to stay healthy, then where possible include the healthy spices above into your daily menu.