What is the importance of liver

The body has 4 media expenditures that can remove toxins through sweat, feces, urine, CO2 and also many ways can be used to activate it by exercise, heat, etc.

However, the amount of toxins and chemicals that poison the body were so much so that the body’s natural detox systems are often not able to clear all of them.

Liver wash the blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

When our body breathe, digest, and absorb through the skin should be filtered by the liver first, just to check if the substance is harmful to the body.

If the liver is not doing its job properly, then we would probably die in short time.

Kidney, lung, colon, and skin, is another detox system that helps the liver. However, none of the 4 organs has the same importance as liver.

Lungs issued out CO2 when breathe, but when there are too many chemicals in the body, then you start to cough. Some toxins out through the skin via perspiration. But there are also toxins in the body that must be kick out in a different form, for example if there is a strong reaction to the skin, then there will be irritation, acne, and other skin allergies.

Too many toxins in the colon can cause a person to suffer from diarrhea. And if you are experiencing constipation, then the body in a bad condition due to liver channel the toxins and removing through the colon. So, if the colon is full, then the liver will convert toxins into fat, so the toxins remain in the body.

The same thing applies to the kidneys, too much toxins can make it restrained lead to kidney failure.

Just because the liver can solve almost any toxin problem in the body, it does not mean liver can not be disturbed or interrupted.

If liver overwhelmed, then toxins begin to circulate in the blood, and in addition to causing a person feel tired easily, the toxins can damage the organs and glands in the body, causing inflammation in the body, headaches, weight gain, and certainly makes a person less healthy.

Acne, chronic headaches, fatigue, acute complications, reduced luster hair, and increased fat is a symptom of the liver is overwhelmed.

When you start getting these symptoms, it means your body is sending a message to you that there is something wrong. So it is very important for you to care respond it in an appropriate manner.