What is the type of skin cancer

What is the type of skin cancer

What is the type of skin cancer

Currently cancer becomes a disease that is quite dangerous for women. How come, it is can be breast, lung, cervix, gastrointestinal until the skin can suffer this deadly disease.

In this post we will present information about skin cancer. Cancer that recently often excited to be the talk of the mass media.

Medically, skin cancer is a type of cancer that can be prevented from spreading. Moreover, if we can carefully protect our skin from the sun directly. Sunlight is the main cause of skin cancer. So we need to provide more protection to the skin, in order not to directly exposed to UV light.

Skin cancer can be divided into three types:

Squamous cell carcinoma

This type of skin cancer is often found in the body that is easy to reach by the sun, such as ears, face and mouth.


At first there is a wound in the skin that does not go away, the more inflamed and red. Wounds will slowly open and enlarged, that wound can not be cured by regular medication. If the wound is left untreated, it will be getting bigger and spread to other body parts. And the danger will affect the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Basal cell carcinoma

Basal Cell Carsinoma is the most frequent cancer cases occured. This type of cancer is very easy to develop in the human body. In general, it will grow at about the face, neck and hands. And if not addressed quickly then it will spread to other body parts.


On this type of cancer, injuries occur on the skin, the wound will be red and irritated. Since now the wound will bleed if they are sick. Then the wound will ooze pus and white to pink colored. Very pain will be felt, and do not heal despite being given the medicine.


Among the three types of skin cancer, Melanoma is the most dangerous and deadly. This type of cancer can grow rapidly in all parts of the body, especially the arms, legs and other body parts. When cancer is detected, it need very treatment.


At first there is one spots on the skin, then over time the spots change color and shape, bigger than ever. The form can be irregular, and the color ca be changes.

However, all skin cancers are harmful. The best way to prevent it is to avoid direct contact with UV light/sunlight. If you do go outdoors, do not forget to use sunblock/sunscreen with a high SPF and try to be in the shade and protected.

Contact your doctor immediately if you feel one of above symptoms. With early detection, a life was saved from the threat of cancer.