What is the vitamin to care our hair healthy

What is the vitamin to care our hair healthy

What is the vitamin to care our hair healthy

Do not let the hair fall out, and in the end no one hair that protects your head. as well as to beautify your head, hair is very important. The function is to protect the scalp that is very sensitive to dust, heat and direct sunlight.

Treatment is the only way to restore the fertility of your hair. Not only through shampoo, hair spa, hair tonic or serum, but also through vitamins you consume.

What are the vitamins you need?

vitamin B

The best vitamin intake for maintain the fertility of hair is vitamin B. It is water-soluble, so at the time of entry into your body, then it will be immediately sent to all parts of the body, including every strand of your hair.

You can find it in grains, fresh fruits, yogurt, eggs, fish, meat, and dairy products.

vitamin E

In addition to vitamin B which have been mentioned earlier, there is vitamin E, which is equally important to take care of hair fertility. With antioxidant functions, vitamin E can improve blood circulation. Thus nutrients carried by the blood can be distributed to every part of the body evenly.

You can find vitamin E mainly on vegetables and fruits, such as avocados, nuts, apples, grapes, broccoli, other green vegetables.