Eating Chocolate for Thining Blood Flow



The researchers revealed that dark chocolate and aspirin have similar effects on blood. Dark chocolate can thin the blood so it can flow more easily, even through a partially blocked coronary arteries, and it can reduce the chances of a heart attack.

Besides, it is benefit is better. Tammy Roberts, a nutrition expert explains, “Research shows that we can get flavonoids from dark chocolate.”

Flavonoids are nutrients found in various plants. These nutrients help protect plants from disease and insects. If we eat foods that are high in flavonoids, nutrients will stimulate our immune system to produce an enzyme, it can reduces the number of risks such as cancer, heart disease and other diseases.

Twenty-one scientific study involving 2600 participants tested the effects of dark chocolate on the heart. These studies show that eating dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and increase the ability of insulin to manage blood sugar.

Tammy Roberts said flavonoids also found in strawberry fruit that tastes good when covered with dark chocolate. He also said that chocolate covered strawberries are both contain antioxidants that are important for immune function and prevent infection.

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