Activities can minimize the Risk of Alzheimer’s



Stay active can reduce the risk of alzheimer’s disease even in people who are over the age of 80. In a recent study, researchers asked 716 volunteer with average age 82 years to wear a device that monitors their activities.

Research participants are also given cognitive tests to measure memory and thinking ability. After about three years, 71 of the volunteers having alzheimer’s disease.The results showed that inactive people are two times more likely to get the disease than those who are active.

Dr. Aron Buchman from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago said, “the results of our study indicate that all physical activities including sports and other activities such as cooking, dishwashing, and cleaning is associated with decreased risk of alzheimer.

“This result support the efforts to encourage all types of physical activity even in the elderly who may not be able to participate in sports, but could still benefit from a more active lifestyle.”

Dr. Anne Corbett, Manager of the research said, “regular physical Exercise is an important way to reduce the risk of dementia that is exposed. This can reduce the risk by up to 45 percent. This study adds evidence and show that simple things like cooking and cleaning the House can also make a difference. ”

He continued, one in three people aged over 65 years will have died of dementia. With the results of this study,there are things you can do to help reduce your risk. It is important to keep the weight and stop smoking.

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