Aspirin can reduce the spread of cancer cells

CONSUMPTION of Aspirin once a day can reduce the risk of the spread of cancer in middle-aged people. Such research results written by Zeenews, Thursday (26/4).

For researchers, Aspirin is not only able to stop cancer, but also to prevent its spread to other body parts. Previous research has been published in the journal The Lancet, stating that cancer patients over the age of 60 years who had taken Aspirin in low doses (75mg) for three years proved to reduce the spread of cancer cells by up to 19 percent.

For researchers, the effect of low-dose Aspirin consumption not only that, the patient who continued consume it until five years even getting the benefits of risk reduction up to 30 percent.

“This Data that support the statement in favor of taking low-dose aspirin daily, especially if you have a family with heart disease or cancer,” said Professor Peter Rothwell, from Stroke Prevention Research Unit at the University of Oxford.

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