Beautiful Without Make-up, Why Not?



Women usually doing make-up to enhance their appearance. With make-up, they will look more fresh. That is, make-up will make the women look better.

However, sometimes they need to stop using make-up. They need to take care of a face on a regular basis, but how to still look gorgeous even without make-up.

Women can try to do the following steps:

  • Enough sleep. Tiredness could affect your face. The face can become ‘ Haggard ‘ due to lack of sleep, the face will get eye pouches. Enough sleep can prevent it all.
  • Wash face with cold water. It will reduce the expression of exhausted that on face.
  • clean and moisten the skin on a regular basis. Use proper beauty products. Use lotion to remove dead skin cells.
  • drink plenty of water to balance water and salt in the body. More water in body will be better for health.
  • protect the skin from the Sun, if necessary, use sunglasses to hide the part around the eyes from the sun.
  • Don’t forget to treat the hair,  with beautiful hair will make look more beautiful.

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