Beware, chest pain can cause death



Chest pain appears to be the highest cause of death in Indonesia. According to the data, at least 40 percent of Indonesian experiencing chest pain was dead.

The chest pain complaint is frequently  found in acute care unit or emergency room. “The causes of chest pain are generally derived from a heart disorder, indigestion and lung and breath channel disorders”  said Nahar Taufiq, a lecturer in UMY medical school.

He says, the typical handlers of chest pain in patients have the same standard. However, he said, within 10 minutes, the chest pain sufferers should be distinguished in four categories so that patients could be helped.

In his opinion, in the first ten minutes, the chest pain sufferer should already categorized in four categories. The categories are P (Priority Risk),  A (Advance Risk), I (Intermediate Risk), and N (Negative/Low Risk). Each category has it’s own handling.

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