Beware, the kiss on the ears can cause deafness

Many people don’t like being kissed in the ear because it is amused. Besides, research proves that kiss on the ears also can make permanent deafness especially on babies and children.

In medical terms, it is known as cochlear ear-kiss injury. Technically, this is occurs as a result of the pressure from the mouth when kissing can damage the hymen and the eardrum. it is not all kiss make happy.

From the results of observations, kiss on the ear does not only cause permanent deafness, but also a number of other symptoms as the buzzing ears, sensitivity to noise, distortion and aural fullness.

Researchers from Hofstra University, Dr. Levi Reiter, has studied such phenomena from a woman patient who came to him about five years ago and told that she got suffered from deafness after often kissed in the ear by her son.

Now, he has gathered 30 cases that will soon be reported in the International Journal of Audiology and the International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology.

Reiter said that babies and children are very susceptible to get hearing damage through a kiss because their ear canals is smaller. “There are plenty of cases on the issue of hearing loss in children caused by unknown and I am convinced that the cause is largely derived from the kissing in the ear, ” said Reiter.

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