Caffeine and Sport together can prevent from cancer



CancerĀ  apparently could be prevented easily, especially for you who like to drink coffee and tea. A research has suggested that the caffeine accompanied with sports is effective to prevent from skin cancer.

A preliminary study found that the combination reduces the amount of skin tumors in mice with cancer by 62 percent. The shrinking of tumors is as well as 85 percent in animals.

The study leader Dr Yao-Ping Lu from Rutgers Ernest Mario School of pharmacy in New Jersey, United States, saying, “we found that the combination of caffeine and exercise can reduce the effect of the Sun rays that cause skin cancer in mice.”

“I believe we can develop these findings to human. We also would benefit from this combination treatment. ”

The experiment was done by giving 1 dose of caffeine in mice who are playing in the wheels running.

Actually, either caffeine or exercise just have a positive impact, but its benefits are far greater when both are combined. Mice treated with caffeine alone have a diminution of the tumor and cancer 27 per cent to 61 per cent. In mice that just running at the wheel, the tumor activity declined by 35 percent and it’s volume declined by 70 percent.

This invention was presented at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Chicago.

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