Careful, addicted to cola cause death



Physician And pathologist, Dr. Mornin, checking the death of Natasha Harris, a housewife (30 years old) who died that was diagnosed with a heart attack in February 2010. The results found that she got hypokalemia or low potassium.

“She is estimated to consume excessive Cola and experiencing malnutrition,” she said, as reported by the Associated Press on Friday (20/4). From this case, concluded that consuming two gallons or 7,5 liters of Cola per day can contribute to death.

According to the u.s. National Institutes of Health, the symptoms of hypokalemia include abnormal heart rhythms. The level of toxicity of caffeine, found in Cola also have contributed to the death.

Her Colleagues, Chris Hodgkinson, testified that she drink Cola between 8to 10 litres per day. According to him, the first thing she does in the morning is drink Cola on the side of his bed and the same thing will be done at night. “She is really addicted to Cola and have a habit of smoking 30 sticks a day,” said Hodgkinson.

Addressing the case, spokesman for Coca-Cola Oceania, Karen Thompson said that its products are safe. “We agree that consume too much of any food product, during a certain period can have a medical impact,” said Thompson.

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