Common mistakes of drug consumption



There are many people often ignore many things when taking medicine, especially drugs. Here are common mistakes that are often made:

Antibiotics are not consumed until the end
Whereas, antibiotic are drugs that must be consumed until the end. People who consume antibiotics often do not want to spend. When feeling better and the drug is still there, he usually stops the consumption of drugs. In fact, if the antibiotic drugs not be consumed until exhausted, then the disease would be immune and it will be hard to cure if relapse.

Ignore the time of drug consumption
Many of us often ignore the time of drug consumption. As such, there are rules of use in doses three times a day. Since there are 24 hours in a day, then the patient should drink drug for eight hours. However, patients are often wrong in the estimation of the time. The most frequent is the time between breakfast and lunch, where breakfast at 07.00 and lunch at 12.00. At that time, it’s just five-hour and patients taking drugs again. On a longer time, the bacterial could form self-defense, so the diseases become more susceptible and more difficult to be healed.

Ignore on how to store the drug
A lot of people don’t pay attention a lot on the ways of storing drugs. They keep in the heat so it can causes the drug broken. For syrup, it is prefer to be kept in the refrigerator after the drug is opened. Noteworthy, is the length of time after it is opened. For syrups which have opened and is not stored in a refrigerator, it should only be consumed less than seven days after the drug was opened. As for the drug syrup stored in refrigerators, it could persist for a month after the seal is opened. The drug should not be consumed if it is more than 1 month.

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