Diabetes can damage DNA sperm



Man who suffering from diabetes can damage the DNA contained in their sperm, “which result in men fertility rates and the health of their childs” said a researcher at Queen’s University, Belfast as was quoted from scienceagogo.com.

Compared with the quality of DNA in men suffering from diabetes and not, found that the process of breaking DNA is better in men with diabetes (52% to 32% of the men with no diabetes), and there are many removal of DNA in cell mitochondria. In addition, the researchers observed that the volume of sperm from men with diabetes have diminished compared with healthy men.

The report written in the journal of Human Reproduction, a researcher Ishola Agjabe explained that this discovery could be important information that in facts, diabetes type 1 and 2 are growing around the world quickly.

While the eating method and obesity are known to be the main factor in the development of type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, also growing mostly to the children of Europe. The reason why type 1 diabetes rapidly growing, yet so obvious cause. Other studies have speculated that genetic or environmental factors may have a role in this case.

“If the development of type 1 diabetes trend continues, this will result in increasing incidence of 50 percent over the past ten years into the future. As a consequence, many men will suffer from diabetes during their productive, “said Agjabe.

Fertility is crucial for good health, there is about 1 to 6 couples who use the special treatment to solve the issue of fertility. “This research is very important, especially give a contribution to the fact that DNA sperm damaged imposes fertility rates and reproductive males. Other studies have also demonstrated the same thing, while existing egg in women can not repair damage to sperm DNA, this may result in the failure of formation of an embryo and abortion”said Sheena Lewis, one of the researchers.

“Furthermore, this research should be developed so that people understand correctly damages arising from diabetes, cause and effect, as well as clinically. Examination of reproductive health of male that is descendants of diabetics is also very important, “he concluded.

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