Fibers that is important to digestive system



Consuming fiber is very important in your daily life. In addition to make you healthier, fibers can unleash a digestion. Lack of fiber is one of the causes of digestion is not smooth.

The fibers have two types based on solubility, soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. However, both have related functions. Soluble fiber helps slow down Gastric emptying time so it is easier to be fermented by the good bacteria. Whereas an insoluble fiber will help hold the water and add to the weight and volume of stool so that it is easily removed. Below are some foods contain a lot of fibers :


Vegetable with high fiber can be found on the leaves of lettuce, cucumber, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, green collards and yellow squash. Try all kinds of vegetables and choose the fresh one. Then, washed it before cooked or consumed. Preferably, after washed, it is processed immediately to avoid become quickly wither. This is done to keep the digestive system health.

Fruit contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Here some foods that are very good to be consumed :

  • Green avocado
    It is beneficial to cope with anemia, beauty therapy and helps regeneration of red blood cells. It is also contain fibre (2.2 grams per 100 grams of material). So it could be used to the digestive tract and prevents constipation.
  • papaya
    Eating papaya may facilitate the disposal of metabolic waste or avoid constipation. The enzyme Papain can also break the foods that contain protein to form various acidic amino that eliminates the formation of unwanted substances from the digestive tract.
  • Brown rice
    it is one type of rice that has a wide range of vitamin, especially Vitamin B and E. The benefits of brown rice is very good for keeping health and cure various diseases. It because brown rice is rich and high mineral content. In addition, brown rice also contains a variety of substances such as fenolat which is a strong antioxidant. It also has a high fiber content so it can cope with indigestion and constipation.