Five foods that harm the digestive tract



The digestive system is indeed played an important role for the absorption of food and drink consumed. It is therefore we need to treat digestive organs well, by choose what type of food should be consumed.

Well, here are 5 types of foods that you should avoid to prevent from digestive problems, here they are :

  • high fat and fried Food
    this type of food if often consumed can lead to acid reflux in the stomach. Foods with high fat content also will change the color of the feces to be more pale.
  • outrageously spicy Food
    spicy food does give the sensation so it’s no wonder that many people love this type of food. However, if consumed in excess, spicy food from chilli and pepper, can irritate the throat and also cause a sense of excessive stomach heartburn. This kind of food is also actual enemy for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and chronic ulcer.
  • Chocolate
    a study in 2005 called, chocolate became an enemy to those who have irritable bowel syndrome or chronic constipation. In addition, one of the researchers, Anderson says that caffeine hanging in the chocolate if consumed in large quantities can stimulate the cramps, bloating, and diarrhea.
  • Corn
    Actually it contain a lot of fiber. However, it also has a cellulose types of fiber, which are not easily digested by humans.
  • sparkling Drinks
    This kind of drink is also not good for the digestion. It will not only result in the overproduction of stomach acid, but also diuretics that can cause diarrhea and cramps.

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