Foods to Avoid by Sinus Sufferers

foods must be avoided by sinus sufferer

foods must be avoided by sinus sufferer

Cold can be one trigger the recurrence of sinus. Besides, there are some foods that can trigger sinus.

Here are some foods that must be avoided by sinus sufferers, as reported by Boldsky.

Caffeinated beverages

Sinus sufferers should avoid drinking Caffeinated beverages, because it can be trigger dehydration, so get the nasal congestion. This can aggravate the condition.

Cold food or ice

Cold food or ice may not affect the intensity of infection. However, ice can cause pain in the cheek bone and head, to make more mucus. As a result, this condition becomes uncomfortable.


All dairy products can lead to phlegm. This condition can eventually cause discomfort in patients with sinus.


Just like caffeine, alcohol can also lead to dehydration. The result, the fluid is more and mucus is reduced. In fact, this fluid is required in order mucus get out.

Spicy foods

Sinus sufferers should avoid spicy foods. Therefore, these foods increase mucus and worsen the condition of the patient.

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