Foods that can trigger your appetite



There are many causes someone lose appetite. Presenting dishes in small portions and interesting appearance could be a solution. Inflammatory bowel disease (peptic ulcer) and food intolerance can lowering the appetite as well as conditions of stress, depression, or shock. Fever and allergic nasal mucous membranes of channels (rhinitis) can also lower your appetite because of the reduced power of taste and smell.

Other factors that decreased appetite are the consumption of certain types of drugs and hormonal changes due to the menstrual cycle. Those who enter old age can also be experienced this due to reduced physical activity and hormones of the body.

On the other hand, the loss of appetite could be due to the lack of intake of specific nutrients. Deficiency of zinc, for example, could lose the senses of taste and smell. Likewise the lack of potassium and magnesium.

Basically every type of beverages, including soda and fruit juice, can reduce hunger when consumed before meals. Excessive alcohol consumption can also be a cause of decreased appetite. In contrast, normal amounts of alcohol consumption could push the rising appetite.

Here are the foods that can be trigger for your appetite:

herbs and spices
Several types of herbs and spices is good for health. But eating certain kinds of herbs and spices in this dish turned out can cause hunger. For example the mustard in the cuisine, is able to increase the production of saliva as a natural way to stimulate appetite, when it is finished eating. Besides, saffron, ginger, and parsley can also stimulate the appetite.

Less consumption of protein
According to an expert of holistic, Mark Hyman, MD, lack of protein consumption can cause hunger suddenly, and the tendency for snacking. According to a recent study against some volunteers, people who consume the protein less than 15 percent of total calories will feel much more hunger compared to people who are consuming enough protein.
Dr. Hyman said that we should eat protein at breakfast. “one trick is to eat foods with high protein at breakfast, such as boiled egg or yogurt” as he said.

excessive sugar and salt
The last few decades, many food producers discovered that humans were never satisfied to eat sugar and salt. No wonder if there were lots of today’s food or drink instant that tastes very tempting, because it uses sugar and salt that serves to increase hunger.
Actually, sugar in pasta sauce is more than sugar in vanilla ice cream in each portion. Cereals contain more salt than fries. These all make us want to eat more.

low calorie food
Low-fat meal contain more sugar, carbohydrates, and sodium to enhance flavor. However, the effect could trigger temptation to eat. A study published in the journal of Nutrition showed that the artificial sweeteners in beverage can also stimulate the appetite. “that’s why I always suggest to eat salad with ordinary dressing and not low fat dressing. Because, in the sauce there is healthy oil as an olive or canola oil” as said by Carolanne Nelson, the expert of diet.

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