Foods to turn out poison



Our bodies not just able to absorb nutrients from food or drink consumed, but also can respond to bad things like poison. It is detoxification. A metabolic processes that reduce the levels of toxins in the body through urine and feces spending.

To maximize the process, there are a variety of foods that are capable for enhancing the performance of the body against toxins, these include:

1. Strawberries
This fruit has a lot of vitamin C that is able to ward off free radicals. Besides, it also has a compound that is able to help the digestive system to avoid toxins.

2. Asparagus
It is one of glutathione source, a compound that helps break down the carcinogen detoxification and other harmful compounds such as free radicals. Consumption of asparagus can help protect against some cancers, such as cancer of the bone, breast, colon, and lung.

3. Apricot
It is a type of fruit that has low in calories and has lot betakaroten. No wonder if the apricot (Prunus Armeniaca) is an anti-aging, immune boosting, and can helps removing toxins from the body.

4. Rhubab
Rhubab contains inulin which is prebiotic to keep the colon stay healthy. Another thing that can be found from the rhubab is it can also be a natural laxative without causing side effects.

5. Broccoli
Broccoli contains Isothiocyanates that play a role in the process of detoxing the body. Broccoli works by removing free radicals, maintains healthy cells, clean the lenders, and keep the digestive system stay healthy.

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