Healthy fried food



Some people will usually avoid fried foods because it is assumed that these foods are less healthy. Actually it doesn’t matter if you want to eat that often, if they are fried uses olive oil or sunflower seed oil.

The researchers also showed that there is no relationship between the fried foods and heart disease. Scientists at the Independent University of Madrid involving 40.757 adults in a study for eleven years. They were interviewed about their eating habits. The results showed that there was no link between fried foods and heart disease.

“The volunteers in the study do the Mediterranean diet,” said Victoria Taylor from United Kingdom Heart Foundation in an interview with the BBC. The benefits of the Mediterranean diet for health has been widely known. This Diet is carried out by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil and fish.

Health professionals also agreed that fatty foods can increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels and arteries, it also can cause weight gain. “Whatever the method of cooking, eat fatty foods means more calories to the body,” added Victoria Taylor. The best solution for heart health is a balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and small amounts of fatty foods, he explained. In addition, the fried food also need not to be avoided. We Can still enjoye the food fried with olive oil or sunflower seed oil.

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