Here is the 7 benefits of cold shower



Most people usually prefer to bath with hot water rather than cold water. Whereas, there are a lot of more benefits that you can get from cold water rather then warm water. There are many benefits of cold shower that you can get as was quoted from Healthmeup as the following:

  • the fertility of men
    probably still very few people know the fact that a cold shower can increase fertility in men. On the other hand, hot shower is not good for you, because the testicles can potentially lowering sperm count. If you want to plan to have a child, it’s time to take a bath in the cold water.
  • improve blood circulation to eliminate toxins
    when the cold water get on the surface of the skin, the blood vessels under the skin will contract.
  • Build immunity
    you want to increase white blood cells? Take bath with cold water, because that will increase your metabolism, which in turn increases the body heat and revive the immune system by releasing white blood cells.
  • Increase metabolism
    when someone feels cold, usually they would wear sweaters to warm the body. Similarly, when your body is showered by cold water, the body will automatically generate heat, which makes the body’s metabolism increases quickly. At that time carbohydrates and fats are burned to make you feel warm.
  • prevent injury
    After doing physical activity, muscles are inflamed and you need time to make it become relaxed. To increase strength and muscle mass, the muscle fibers will dilate and constrict. Therefore, to prevent the muscle fiber breaks due to excessive physical activity, take a bath with cold water.
  • additional benefits
    cold shower can reduce chronic pain, the pain of the body, improving the health of hair, kidney function, reduces swelling and regulate the otonomic nervous system.
  • cold water and body rhythms
    Cold water can deepen your breathing and help fight fatigue. Even if you’re having trouble sleeping, cold shower was believed can help you to be sleeping more.

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