How to Avoid Brain Cancer



Brain cancer is a deadly disease. Besides, it’s treatment cost very much. To prevent this disease, here are some tips :

  • If you experience symptoms such as frequent intermittent headache, or continuous headache, vomiting without cause, decreased vision that can not be corrected with glasses, gradually limb weakness, unsteadily walking, or symptoms like vertigo then immediately you need to do the self-examination and MRI examination is recommended
  • Do not let your self to stress constantly, devote some time to rest, and do refreshing to be able to reduce and eliminate your stress
  • Limit the direct radiation on the body, better use handsfree when using cell phones for a long time
  • Apply a healthy diet with balanced nutrition, for example, increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  • Limit fat consumption
  • Reduce consumption of smoked foods, baked and preserved foods with nitrites and chemicals foods
  • stop the consumption of alcohol
  • stop smoking
  • Perform regular health checks. Especially if you have a family with brain cancer
  • Do not take medicine without prescription. Misuse of drugs can stimulate cancer cell growth.
  • Do exercise regularly.

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