How to Breastfeeding



BREASTFEEDING is the first step when a woman becomes a mother. For that, you want to be able to breastfeed correctly.
Not all hospitals will provide the right guide for breastfeeding. Thus, the following simple tips you can follow to help you breastfeeding effectively:

  1. start feeding about 1 hour after birth.
  2. hold your baby the right way while breastfeeding. Hold your baby towards the belly and place baby Chin right to your breast.
  3. the mouth of your baby covers all your nipples, especially the areola.
  4. do not let your baby’s feeding just use one of your breasts. Use your breasts alternately to breastfeeding.
  5. Apply a few drops of BREAST MILK to your nipples and let it until dry. This prevents the nipples become too dry and cracked.
  6. try to drink lots of water and go through a regular diet.
  7. avoid drugs during breastfeeding, unless recommended by a doctor.

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