How to bring the bag correctly

How to bring the bag correctly

How to bring the bag correctly

Have you ever thought that the pain you feel it could be due to the bag that had been frequently brought? Ranging from the size, rope, even the way you carry a bag, all of these things also affect the health of the shoulder.

After all, If we want to be beautiful, are we have to get pain? Therefore, we need to consider the following tips in order to wear the bag and shoulder remain healthy.

Reduce the contents of the bag

Should be recognized that we often carry too much stuff in our bags that are not always needed. Perhaps the most appropriate reason why we do that is because we want the goods there in case we suddenly need it.

However, unfortunately there are organs tormented by that action. Back, shoulders, neck, arms, and even the head can become victims of the heavy bag we brought.

You should always double-check the contents of the bag and get rid of stuff that really does not need to be taken. Do not carry bags weighing more than 1.25 kg.

Choose a bag with wide straps

No matter what is your favorite handbag brands, you are advised to choose bag has a wide strap pieces. Wide straps help in dividing the body weight of the burden to be borne, so the burden is not only delegated at one part of body.

Stretch your neck and shoulders

You can prevent gout caused by load bags by strengthening the body’s muscles. Perform movements such as rowing, by standing upright and reached out straight ahead, then do movements like rowing a boat. Then massage or squeeze your shoulder with your chin slightly raised. Repeat 10 times for each hand count.

Consider a waist bag

In the early 1990s, waist bags was one of the fashionable accessories. It is small form can force users to carry the little stuff.

Even if you put it sideways at the waist, but the load in the bag is supported by the body as a whole because the waist is located at the midpoint of the body, not only by the shoulder or the back alone. So, obviously this bag will not cause pain in your shoulders or back.

Change position

Most of us have a position carrying a bag that is always same. No one likes to carry by hand, arm, right shoulder or the left shoulder. However, for the safety of your body, then you should leave the habit.

Try to change the position of the bag, at least every 5 minutes, so that blood flow in the body remains smooth. If you are shopping in a store, then you can change the position of carrying a bag every time you enter or exit the store.

Give safety rope

If your bag strap is very uncomfortable, then cover with fabric seat like the one on the seat belt in the car so that the shoulders or hands more comfortable.

Switch to backpack

One clue that the burden of the bag has managed to injure your shoulder position that it is so out of balance or slanted to one side. If the shoulder get problem, then it’s time for you to switch on the back of the bag. Just keep it make sure that you bring a small size and do not put too much stuff.

Wear the bag close to the body

When asked how to carry the bag, then the answer is to maintain the position of the bag still attached close to the body. Hold the bag close to the body so that the loads are fused with the body weight.

Therefore, as far as possible look for bags that can cross body when taken, but make sure that the cord is not too long. Because the longer the rope, the shoulder more attracted to the down (by gravity).

Wear shoes that are friendly

If you have to lift a large bag and take it only on one side of the body, then at least support the body with the right shoes. The selection of shoes can give you much of a difference.