How to control your cholesterol



Cholesterol levels in the blood is important to keep monitoring. so that our health can be detected early before we get the symptoms of hypercholesterolemia.

Cholesterol levels need to be considered is the balance between HDL and LDL cholesterol. While triglycerides are also important to note that should remain low.

HDL cholesterol levels should be higher than the levels of LDL cholesterol. Because HDL cholesterol is instrumental in preventing the accumulation of fatty plaques caused by LDL cholesterol.

In order to assess whether a person’s cholesterol level is high or low, it refers to the general guidelines that have been used throughout the world, the guidelines of the NCEP ATP III (National Cholesterol Education Program, Adult Treatment Panel III), which has been determined that :

  • Total cholesterol:
    Normal values <​​ 240 mg/dl
    Border high 200-239 mg/dl
    High > 240 mg/dl
  • LDL cholesterol:
    Optimal < 100 mg/dl
    Close to optimal 100-129 mg/dl
    Border high 130-159 mg/dl
    High 160-189 mg/dl
    Very high > 190 mg/dl
  • HDL cholesterol:
    Low < 40 mg/dl
    Height 60 mg/dl
  • Trigliserida :
    Normal < 150 mg/dl
    High Frontier 150 -199 mg/dl
    High 200-499 mg/dl
    Very high > 499 mg/dl

High risk for coronary heart disease and stroke are closely associated with high cholesterol levels, especially those who have more than two risk factors like hypertension, diabetes, smoking, obesity and a person who has a congenital factor.

Those who were classed at high risk should pay attention to or improve the daily life style, so it is recommended to diet, adequate exercise, maintaining a balanced weight and quit smoking. A person with high cholesterol levels did not feel impaired

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