How to having breakfast that not make fat

How to having breakfast that not make fat

How to having breakfast that not make fat

Breakfast?..some one fear about breakfast, they fear to become fat. Is it true?. Below are some facts about breakfast :

Eating breakfast will not make you fat

Actually if you do not eat breakfast, your weight tends to go up because you are certainly going to take more servings on your lunch. Moreover, in general, lunch will be filled with food and a lot of fat weight.

So, how to still have breakfast but stomach not feeling full??. Try these tips below :

Set your menu nicely and nutritious

Fruits, juices, oatmeal, whole wheat bread and low-fat milk, could be your breakfast options in the morning. By eating these menu, your stomach will not be too full. They are very nutritious for you.

In order to be more tasteful when having breakfast, previously prepared fruit with funny shape. Cut into pieces and place the pieces according motif in the refrigerator at night. And in the morning, you are ready to eat fresh fruit.

Do not forget the intake of protein in your breakfast menu, eggs, and milk could be one of the menu to meet protein needs.

Be careful in choosing your breakfast menu. Avoid foods that are not nutritious and rich in fat, such as instant noodles, a plate full of rice complete with side dishes, coffee with cream. Choose a menu rich in fiber and vitamins to make your activity more cheerful with fresh body.