How to increase HDL Cholesterol

How to increase HDL Cholesterol

How to increase HDL Cholesterol

It said in ScienceDaily, that cholesterol is a collection of existing lipid membranes in the body, carried by the blood and distributed to all parts of the body. Collection of lipids are involved in the process of blood chemistry. Because the system is active in the transport of blood, the heart is being the organ that most at risk if something happens.

Cholesterol divided into two, which then called bad cholesterol as LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and good cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein). According Cholesterol articles, LDL that is too big in the body will build the walls in the blood, which then leads to blockage blood vessels. Because clogged, then the food supply to the heart is also hampered. Then the heart condition will slowly deteriorate.

While the good cholesterol, HDL, apply instead. This type of cholesterol helps process food delivery through the blood, and discard the juices that are not needed by the body to the liver and then excreted and removed, either through sweat, urine, or feces.

So that heart disease can be prevented, of course we have to increase the amount of HDL than LDL. But how to increase HDL in the body? Some of the following tips may help you:

1. Sport

By moving your body regularly and routinely, then the nasty fats that are not needed can be removed. Clumps of bad cholesterol will be disposed through the process of excretion (sweat).

2. High-fiber special diet

Diet does not mean you should not eat! During this time many thought that the diet should not mean eating or eating in very small quantities. This is wrong, because this diet actually means set menu meals, reducing the amount of fat and carbohydrates, adapt them to the needs and increasing the amount of fiber-rich foods.

Fiber in the diet can destroy bad cholesterol, so the blood transfusion process in the body will go more smoothly.

3. Stop Smoking!

Smoking increases the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, a variety of toxins contained in cigarettes also makes LDL build more solid walls, and even cigarettes can block the circulation of nutrients in the blood.

4. Reduce alcohol, and stop drink it

As with cigarettes, alcohol contains toxins that can be a hindrance to the circulation of nutrients. Alcohol poisoning the blood and let the LDL build solid walls in the body.

5. Expand the intake of omega 3

Omega 3, which is obtained through sea food, eggs and other protein-rich variety foods is very important for the development of HDL. So, you must set it as a mandatory menu for you.

6. Avoid fatty and fried foods

Fat can be found everywhere, even in the vegetables. You have to be smart in choosing the food menu, and you should avoid diets that contain saturated fats. This type of fat also will build wall in the body, And it is also can grow and cover the heart, and narrow the space for the heart to beat.