How to keep fit in rainy weather

How to keep fit in rainy weather

How to keep fit in rainy weather

Recently the weather around us are uncertain. Sometimes the air was so hot, but when it rains, the temperature suddenly turned cold. At the turn of this weather, a lot of people are prone to various diseases, ranging from the flu, colds, until diarrhea. So, how we can stay healthy in the midst of erratic weather like this? Here are some practical tips you can apply.

Bring a jacket

Despite recently world got global warming, the jacket is still needed. Cold and hot weather changing could make the body in unstable condition. So, protect your body by wearing a jacket when outside the home.

Keep exercising

Probably rain often happen in the morning. This causes jogging activities we used to do every morning disturbed. If so, does this mean should be a holiday for sporting activities?.

You can still exercise even in your home. Gymnastics, up down stairs, cleaning the house, and other movement activities can be selected as a substitute for outdoor exercise. The important thing is to make sure that the body remains active in order to keep blood circulating smoothly.

Consuming vitamin D

During the rainy season, we’ll rarely get vitamin D from sunlight. Therefore, you can supply the needs of the body with vitamin D.

Warm water

If you normally like to drink a cold beverage, then now is the time to stop and turn on a warm beverage. At the turn of the weather, you should avoid iced drinks. Not just a drink, cold bath water is also better if replaced with warm water, in order to maintain body condition.

Turn off the AC

You do not need air conditioning during the rainy season. Temperatures created by rain was enough to make heat body to cool. If you have a heating machine at home, it is better to turn it on to keep the air circulation remains warm.

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