How To Prevent Osteoporosis



Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bone is reduced so it become porous. Although it does not change the shape or structure of the bone, but this disease can cause the bones to become perforated.

The effects are the bones become brittle thus inhibiting the activity of the patient. This disease can affect anyone of any age. However, do not worry. There are ways to prevent it, below is the following tips:

early prevention

Early prevention must be done so that the patient numbers are not growing rapidly, especially among young women. Prevention process is best done from the age of 8 to 16 years, when the compaction and bone growth quickly during adolescence. Compaction of the bone depends on normal levels of reproductive hormones (estrogen for women and testosteron for men), the exposure to ultraviolet beta (UVB) obtained from the sun in the morning and afternoon, the intake of calcium, vitamin K, sport and a good lifestyle.


Chances of developing osteoporosis can be slowed by regular exercise every day. Exercise did not need a heavy-weight, such as gymnastics, jogging, or yoga. Be careful, a sport that requires carrying heavy loads in fact, can accelerate bone loss. Do not be too often lift weights because the risk of osteoporosis can often come from excessive burden.

Beware of high heels

The use of high heels may actually be done as often as possible. It really depends on the habits of the wearer, and for how long legs used to wearing high heels. The risk of this type of shoe are big. Make sure your shoes are soft soled and also suitable with your posture and weight. The small women looks comfortable to use high heels because the shoes can support to their body weight. For big women, reduce the usage of high heels, or choose the right shoes that suit the body.

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