How to protect foot injury do to footwear



Footwear became one of favorite fashion items for women to make an appearance and legs to be perfect.

But if we wrong in selecting footwear, it will be fatal. Because the selection of the wrong shoe can inhibit motion, make a fat, and can make us get injury.

Unfortunately because we are more concerned to fashion, comfort and health become the second. As a result, the footwear then cause us get injuried because of the inappropriate usage of footwear.

Here’s how to protect the foot injury due to footwear as reported by US news.

  • do not wear high heels too long
    a study in 2010 found that wearing shoes higher than 2 inches in the long time, can cause the risk of degeneration of the joints and osteoarthritis knee.
    A recent study also found that high heels are the main cause of the toenails growth inside, which can cause infections and permanent damage on the hoof.
    Stop wearing high heels may be impossible for females. But in order to maintain your health, you should reduce such high heels by only use it at a time when a party or specific event only.
  • do not wear thongs everywhere
    Wear thongs are indeed practical but often cause slip and does not protect the feet from the heat of the Sun. “Thongs make friction between thumb and index finger that sometimes causes blisters. Limit the use of thongs, just wear them at the moments to the beach or in the pool.
  • use the sports shoes when exercising
    “The sports shoes are designed to accommodate the required actions when exercising” Brummer said. The wearing of sports shoes must also be adapted to the type of sport what is done. Sports Football for example, has a special shoe shoes with different other sports.
  • do not wear shoes that have been worn out
    Boots that are worn on a daily, maybe still comfortable to use. But it will lose the function. For example, running shoes can only survive about 300 to 500 miles before it causes problems in athletes.
  • do not use socks that make easy feet sweating
    Sweaty Feet will cause a yeast infection. Wash your shoes and socks regularly. Change your socks every day.
  • Resize your feet before buying new shoes
    “Size feet can change due to weight gain, hormonal activity, impaired circulation and aging” Brummer said.

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