How to safely consume herbal medicine..



Don’t assume that all herbal drugs are safe consumed. There are also harmful for health.
“Not all herbal remedy made is safe. Every drugs have benefit that is healing but also have side effects,”said Prof. Dr. Rianto Setiabudy, Professor of the Department of Pharmacology in workshop journalist on the use of drugs in Senayan, Jakarta.

The statement was justified from the University of Indonesia herbal expert, Dr. Abdul Mun’im. “Yeah right, not all herbs are safe. That’s because the insecurity on some herbs that is containing toxic” as he said.

Furthermore, Mun’im explained, the statement of not all herbs are safe also caused by several factors :
For example, the ways of processing that is not clean, the environmental conditions of the plants, the quality of the soil when plants were planted, as well as herbal that was produced using a mix of chemistry “said Mun’im.

“In order to be safe, Use the herbs that have been used, already down-hereditary and proven efficacy, as well as security. Do not use the name of an unconventional often heard herbal” said Prof. Rianto.

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