How to Safely Consume Soybean

How to safely consume soybean

How to safely consume soybean

Although many experts recommend soy to be consumed in the daily diet, but some  scientific research results shows that this protein-rich foods should be limited. How to overcome this…?

The experts from the American Cancer Society said, if soy is consumed regularly since at young age, we will not onlybe spared from breast cancer but also be spared from bone loss.

Soybeans are known to increase the production of the hormone estrogen, the female sex hormone, in the body. Therefore the young men should not consuming too much soy, as well as high-risk women for breast cancer. This means, the actual effect of soy in the body depends on personal factors. For that there are some safety guidelines to eat the soy.

Find out the portions
A dish of soybean equivalent  with half a cup of  of soybean seed, a half cup of tempeh, a half cup of soy protein, 4 ounces of tofu, two teaspoons of miso or one cup of soy milk.

Find out the source of food containing soy
Soybean is widely used in various food product , including cereals, bread, or snack bars. Soy products that have been through processing into products such as oil or soy sauce, contain less isoflavones. Therefore, for women at high risk of breast cancer should identify any products that contain soy and consume at average portion.

Beware if you suffer from thyroid
Soy contains “anti-nutrient” relating to the suppression of thyroid function, it reduces the absorption of minerals and proteins on people who suffered  this. Supplements containing soy are also known to disrupt the thyroid drugs.To be safe, experts advise to eat fermented soy like tempeh or tofu.

Choose The Organics
Nearly 90 percent of soybeans is a product of genetic engineering , the best is to choose the organic products . Genetically engineered products consumed by children will increase the risk of allergy.

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