How to Stay Healthy And Slim At Party

How to Stay Healthy And Slim At Party

How to Stay Healthy And Slim At Party

Christmas and New Year are usually not only characterized by a gathering. The event is also usually graced with a great meal and a warm conversation between relatives. Even so, for the sake of your own health, it’s good if you still maintain and not easily tempted with various snacks.

Whether in the home or at the Christmas party invitations elsewhere, as far as possible apply some of these rules :

Eat what you really want

Do not just dirty food just because that’s close to where you stand. Instead of tasting each food offered, it is better if you take a mini portions of food that you really like and want.

What about dessert?

For dessert that usually look tempting, you can eat it, but just look at the numbers. Do not be too much! With this you will not only too cruel to yourself on Christmas, but also will harm your health or diet program.

Do not forget water

Make sure you drink 2 liters of water everyday. This will help prevent bloating and hunger for sweet snacks due to dehydration. Drinking enough water can also prevent you from eating too much.

Be careful with alcohol

Alcohol is high in calories. For example, a glass of wine has calories equal a piece of bread with peanut butter. Another problem arises if alcohol is reduced self-awareness that can lead you to drunken. If you still need or want to drink, then choose the lightest alcohol content. Avoid liquor containing sugar or fruit, and cocktails.

Gift box of chocolates

If you get a gift box of chocolates, then store the food in a place that is not often seen by the eye. This will make you not easily tempted to pinch it . Or, if you really want to keep the ideal weight and health, then just give it to a friend.

Keep moving

During the party’s good if you do not just sit wallowing on the couch while snacking on cookies. Try to keep yourself active during the party to meet with colleagues, holding nephew, help prepare meals, and others.