How to Streamlining Metabolism

How to Streamlining Metabolism

How to Streamlining Metabolism

Bad metabolism is the most common complaint experienced by women. Here are some healthy tips to improve the work of metabolism organs :

Drinking Water

Drinking lots of water is very important.

First, because water is the most important in the metabolism, if you do not drink a lot of water, then metabolic processes can be disrupted.

Second, when the body is tired, sometimes we think we’re hungry, but actually our body just need for water. So, by drinking enough water will prevent you from eating too much. Try to drink at least 2-2.5 liters every day

Eat as many as possible

How can we eat 6 times a day but still slim?!, often eat in small portions will lighten the work of our body, and keep it active. Many people spend hours eating because they want to slim down. They think that by eating less, then the weight will go down. But in reality, the missed meals, this will cause the body to empty without food for a long time.
It makes the body experiencing severe famine. The body Capture signals that is a constant food intake is unreliable, so the body feel need for accumulation of food/energy to make it keep up.

The results are chaotic metabolism because one time stomach is full, and the other is so empty. And, the weight was increased due to that. Therefore, by eating enough constantly make smooth metabolism, so the energy generated was enough for one day, and you will not be sluggish at work.

Increase your physical activity.

The high level of activity are the most important component to the smooth metabolism.

Although we know that exercise is important, but it is not effective if we sit in front of the office desk most of the day, spending an hour in the gym, and then when got home, we sat down again while watching TV in the night.

Increase the motion activity on your day. For example, lifting the feet alternately while you brush your teeth, take the stairs instead of the lift, biceps by lifting the 1.5 liter bottle of water while you’re watching TV, move the legs when you are sitting at an office desk, or swaying to the music on the radio while you’re stuck in traffic.

Warning: Other people might think you’re weird, but you know that you just are trying to accelerate the body’s metabolism.

Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

Vegetable is very important, therefore, eat it. In addition to healthy, good for digestion, rich in fiber and water, vegetables and fruits are also fat free, rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the metabolism functioning optimally.

If your nutritional needs are less, then the body’s digestive system will automatically be affected. If you don’t like vegetables and fruits, then you can do the following trick.

Fruit is easy to carry anywhere as a snack. You can cut the fruit and add them to breakfast cereals. Alternatively, blend some kind of fruit and yogurt for a delicious fresh produce beverages. Vegetables can be camouflaged into the processed soup or fruit.


Do not be ashamed or afraid to train the muscles of the body. Many women are embarrassed if they are muscular. However women are not created with the urge to build muscle. This fact makes women passive and not willing to build their body muscles. However, muscles do not mean to form a body to stocky, because with this exercise, you can get a solid body contains, and do not sag.