How to treat the attacks of Tomcat



Despite Tomcat  toxins is not harmful, However we need to know how to cure it. In the site health. au, said that the dermatitis or inflammation of the upper layers of the skin is actually the most common impact of tomcat.

It is said that the toxins in insects will cause allergic reactions in humans, but the effect is different for each humans,  as it will cause a rash on the skin, itchy skin, a sense of heat like a blister or hit like Burns, discharge of liquids or also a more fatal effect, because it depends on the condition of each person.

If you are afflicted by an insect of this one, you don’t have to panic. Try to do the following  guide :

clean the part of body with water and soap to neutralize the poison.

After that compress using cold water.

If a rash on the skin begin to appear, you can use the  Aloe Vera. It is intended to relieve symptoms in an area that was stung.

If not never diminished, soon to see your doctor for further treatment.

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