Identify the expired food


ALTHOUGH purchased in fresh condition, meat, chicken, fish, and eggs can expired even though it is stored in the refrigerator. Below is the characteristics :

Chicken: never store the chicken more than 48 hours in the refrigerator. Avoid freeze the chicken within six months. Discoloration or texture change is an indicator of broken chickens.

Fish: this type of high-protein foods are usually will begin to shred if more than three days. Before starting to rot, the typical fish will has not good smell. You can see the color change, fish that looks like Brown, dull, or slightly yellowish. If one of these signs is appear, don’t cook it.

Meat: notice the surface of meat, beware if it has bluish, the not good smell and has a lot of mucus.

Eggs: to test the quality of eggs is more difficult. However, there is one way that you can use. Make the little cracks in the egg, then lay eggs inside a container that contains water. If the egg is seen removing the air from the inside, it is an alert that the eggs is broken.

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