Monoclonal Antibody To Lower Cholesterol Level



A recent study found that injecting Monoclonal Antibody can lower LDL cholesterol levels for patients with high cholesterol as much as 72 percent.

Injecting Monoclonal Antibody is the latest proven effective method of lowering cholesterol from five patients who normally consume Statins.

“Monoclonal Antibody is a new approach of method to lower cholesterol in patients,” said   James McKenney, CEO of National Clinical Research Inc., in a press conference at the American College of Cardiology in Chicago, as quoted from Health Day.

According to McKenney, compounds in monoclonal antibody are effective to lower cholesterol by lower levels of LDL from the bloodstream.

In the next study, the researchers found that who received low doses of Monoclonal Antibody get lower LDL levels by 40 percent. For they were given medium doses of LDL levels, declining 64 percent, while those given high doses there was a decrease of 72 percent.

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