Popcorn could be antioxidant Snack



Who’s not familiar with popcorn. Besides has savory flavors, it is also has a good for healthy. Scientists said that popcorn contains more antioxidant called polyphenols than fruits and vegetables.

Polyphenols have great health benefits since the it is able to help fight harmful molecules that damage cells. These findings will be presented in the National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Researchers found that 1 serving of popcorn containing nearly 300 mg of the antioxidant, it is almost double (160 mg) for all fruits per serving. The researchers even found, popcorn skin that often get stuck on the teeth, actually has the most concentration of polyphenols and fibres. ” it is skin deserve more attention, because it has more nutrient” said Vinson.

Even so, Vinson warns we cannot just rely on popcorn. Because it does not contain vitamins and nutrients as contained in fruits and vegetables. Vinson and his team concluded, “One serving popcorn provides more than 70 percent of daily intake of grain. The average person only got about half a serving of whole grain a day, and popcorn can fill the deficiencies of that”.

Do not do a mistake when make popcorn
Vinson said that a serving of popcorn that mistake can lead to serious health problems. The wrong way to use cooking oil for example, Buttering, or provide additional salt and sugar, which it will make these snack high in fat and calories. Popcorn made with microwave and added with oil have calories more. About 43 percent of popcorn made using a microwave is fat

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