Seven professions which harm the lungs



Lung disease is one of the types threaten diseases. Not only it is derived from the unhealthy lifestyle, but can also as a result from the type of work. Here are seven types of jobs that are dangerous to the lungs :

  • Construction:
    This work often inhale dust from the building. Such can be exposed to the risk of lung cancer, mesothelioma or asbestosis which is caused by abnormalities of the lung.
  • Manufacturing:
    Factory workers can be exposed to dust, chemicals, and gases. It putting them at risk lung disease.
  • Textile :
    Textile workers are often inhaled particles released from cotton or other materials that make them suffering from respiratory disorders.
  • Bartender:
    Bartender get larger risk to suffers lung disease due to more frequent inhaling cigarette smoke. Keep in mind, the passive smokers are more prone to suffer from a disorder of the lungs than the active smoker.
  • automotive industry :
    asthma is a disease that attack most workers, especially in automotive repair field. Auto spray, such as isocyanates and other poliutetam products can irritate skin, making allergies, cause chest tightness, and trouble in breathing.
  • fire:
    firefighters could inhale smoke and various chemicals that may exist in the building that is on fire.
  • Mining:
    Miners are at high risk for a number of lung diseases. This occurs as a result of exposure to dust from a wide variety of mining material.

The researchers suggest, in order to be spared from the effects of a more dangerous respiratory organs, the workers should using the safety standards of work, like a mask. Also reduce the amount of cigarette consumption.

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