Seven Ways to Prevent From Cancer

fruit vegetable to prevent cancer

fruit vegetable to prevent cancer

Cancer is a nightmare for anyone, many people dies from cancer each year and there are much money spent to cure cancer. But , there are some cheaper ways to prevent cancer . Fahma Sunarya , an expert on diet and nutrition from the Singapore Cancer Prevention , revealed seven tips to prevent cancer. Here they are :

Set Diet
Healthy diet can prevent cancer. Cancer occurs because many people are wrong of diet. “Eat calories as needed for the body, don’t be over” as he said.

Don’t be fat
Fat has the potential to cause cancer because it has high levels of fat content. People who are obese have an insulin process that is not smooth. Fat is often get heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Do sport
Do exercise for 30 minutes every day such as walking and increase the intensity of gym time from 30 minutes to 60 minute.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables
Take a minimum two types of fruit and two kinds of vegetables in a day either at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and also types of nuts and brown rice. “Fruits contain lots of fiber is good for health,” as he said.

Reduce fast and fatty foods
Reduce sugary drinks, fast food and high fat foods such as chicken meat, butter, and coconut milk. Also prevent the consumption of salty foods. “Fatty foods can lead to obesity quickly,” as he said.

Reduce Drinking Alcohol
Drink alcohol in accordance with the measure, as many as 30 ml of beer, wine as much as 1 ml, preferably for male is not more than two alcoholic drinks per day and for women only one glass per day.

Check Body Weight Frequently
We Should be frequently checks the weight of the body at least once a month to determine the extent of our diet program.

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