Soursop as medicine



Soursop (Annona muricata) is the form of plant that trunked small size and low key. The leaves are oval shaped and thicker, on the upper surface colored dark green. This plant can grow in any place. But to get a lot of fruits and large, better to plant it in areas where the soil contains enough water. In Indonesia, soursop grow well in areas that have altitude less than 1000 feet above sea level. Soursop fruit that is ripe is more sour. The best Soursop breeding is through grafting and will bear fruit at age 4 years after planting.

Efficacy and benefits

  • Hemorrhoid
    Ingredients: The ripe soursoup
    Method : squeezed to take water as much as 1 cup
    How to use : drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon
  • Urine Bladder Pain
    Ingredients: half-ripe soursop, sugar and salt to taste
    Method: all ingredients are cooked as compote
    How to use: eaten plain, and performed regularly every day for 1 week in a row.
  • Infant Diarrhoea
    Ingredients: ripe soursop
    Method: soursop fruit is squeezed and filtered to take water
    How to use: drinking from diarrhea in infants as much as 2-3 tablespoons.
  • Back Pain
    Ingredients: 20 sheets of soursop leaf
    Method: boiled with 5 cups water to boil down to 3 cups
    How to use: drink 1 a day 3/4 cup.
  • Ulcer
    Ingredients: young soursop leaves
    Method: finely ground and added 1/2 tablespoons water, stirring until evenly
    How to use: affixed to the boil.

Composition :

Soursop (Annona muricata) at every 100 gram contains the calories by 65 calories, 1 gram protein, 0.3 grams fat, 16.3 grams carbohydrate, 14 milligrams calcium, phosphorus 27 milligrams, 0.6 milligrams iron, vitamin A 10 SI, vitamin B, 0.07 milligrams, 20 milligrams of vitamin C and hydrogen 81.7 percent. In addition, on the leaf stalks contains elements of tannins, phytosterols, ca-oxalate clan alakaloid murisine.

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