Spiciness in Chili can help heart healthy



Recent studies have shown that spicy taste in chili has benefits to protect someone from heart disease.

The study, led by Professor Zhen Yu Chen from the Chinese University of Hongkong was disclosed in the forum of the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego, United States.

The study reveal that capsaicin, the compound that gives a spicy flavor of Chili was able to improve the work of the heart organs.

Substances in capsaicinoid in capsaicin can reduce cholesterol levels in the body by increasing the damage to the fat, then throw it out via stool. Capsaicinoid blocking cyclooxygenase-2, a gene that makes the arteries contracts and can block the blood flow to the heart.

Capsaicinoid also effective to decrease the fat in blood vessels. These fats can narrow the arteries and trigger heart disease or stroke. In conclusion, the substance in capsaicinoid can help the heart working and blood vessel health.

“However, excessive consumption of chillies are also not recommended for the health of the people with heart disease. Because, it is not a substitute for heart disease drugs existed at this time”. Chen said.

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