Stroke threaten pregnant and childbirth mother



George Cormack (33 years) a mother from United Kingdom suffered 4 heart attack and stroke while giving birth to his twin babies. Now after months of recovery, Cormack ended up enjoying time with his family.

Cormack having problems caused by amniotic fluid embolism (AFE). It is A condition in which fetal cells move into the bloodstream to pregnant women, to trigger an allergic reaction.

While giving birth to 2 children in June, the doctors diagnose the condition in his body until making Cormack comma. The Stroke also affects parts of Cormack brain, which controls the interlocutor. However, with the help of a therapist she was able to go through the process of recovery.

According to an article in the journal of nursing “Critical Care” which was reported by the The Huffington Post, AFE was first documented in 1926. At that time, it becomes the main cause of death during childbirth. Then in 2011, from an article from the Website of MD shows an increasing amount of mother who suffered a stroke during pregnancy and childbirth.

Approximately 6,000 incidents the mother get stroke during pregnancy and childbirth taking place between 2006-2007. It is having an increase from the last 10 years, which is only about 4,000 patients. According to researchers, a stroke during pregnancy and childbirth are related to high blood pressure, obesity, and other health factors of the mother.

In addition, scientists reported that pregnancy over the age of 35 years, increase the chances of a woman to get risk of a heart attack. Although the number of incidents of stroke during pregnancy and childbirth is relatively low compared with the number of births worldwide, Researchers keep alert to doctors if pregnant women complain of pain in the chest, especially for those who are late to have children.

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