The bad impact of obesity in old



Have excess weight at the old can cause a decrease in brain function or dementia. One of third sufferers of dementia with age 60 years died because of the disease.

Researchers from The Alzheimer’s Society, Dae Hyun Yoon research the 250 people ages 60 to 70 years. As a result, people with high body mass index have lower value in cognitive tests.

“This is evidence that excess weight in the old can lower brain functions,” she said as quoted by Newscientist.

He added, this research results do not apply to the age of 70 years above. At that age, being overweight does not have a direct impact on the workings of the brain.

“The study also proved that obesity is not only a threat to the heart, but also to brains. Do regular exercise, a balanced diet, as well as maintaining the way of life can prevent it” as Yoon said.

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