The benefits of drinking green tea in the morning



Green tea is one of the healthy drink that is quite popular. It is able to help you lose weight and good for health. Even so, there is the best time to get great benefits of green tea, which is in the morning.

Drinking green tea in the morning will give you many benefits. It contained caffeine, theobromine, saponins, and other vitamins that are good for your health. Here are some of the benefits of drinking green tea in the morning, as reported by Health Site.

Here are the benefits of drinking green tea in the morning :

Help you lose weight

The ingredients in green tea called EGCG increases the body’s metabolism and suppress appetite. This substance also triggers the body’s heat to burn more calories. Two or four cups of green tea a day can burn 70 to 80 calories. The most useful substances in it are antioxidants that nourish the nervous system and decrease the desire to snack.

Against Cancer

Antioxidants in tea help you against various types of cancer. Antioxidants also prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals to attack them before managed to damage the cells in the body.

Controlling cholesterol

Green tea helps reduce cholesterol levels, keep arteries healthy and not clogged. Healthy arteries will prevent heart disease.

Controlling diabetes

Poifenol and polysaccharides in green tea is effective for lowering blood sugar levels. Based on the study, EGCG in green tea inhibits glucose production in the liver and lowers blood sugar levels and control.

Enhance the immune

Green tea boost immunity using some antibacterial substance in it.

That’s some of the benefits of drinking green tea in the morning. Green tea can provide many health benefits through substances contained in it. So do not hesitate to start your day by drinking green tea.

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