The causes of baldness in men



The biological causes of baldness on a man has been found. These findings are expected to maximize the treatment to stop the baldness.

A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that a protein called prostaglandins as the cause of baldness. It is found in the cells of hair on the scalp that causes hair loss.

Researchers are piloting this invention on a mouse. This protein is injected to mice and then it become devoid of hair at all. “Likewise, the transplant of prostaglandins in human skin stop the hair growth around the area,” said research team leader George Cotsarelis.

He added, most of the men begin to experience hair loss in the middle-aged. About 80 percent of men begin to experience hair loss at the age of 70. He hopes this research results can be implemented in the creation of a special cream to cope the baldness. “Not only stop hair loss, but also to grow back the hair,” as he said.

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